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FOX Business
Dec 21, 2012 3:00pm EST
gasparino broke on the business network, duncan neiderauer, head of the stock exchange, the figure out the needed to find another buyer for the new york stock exchange at the same moment last year after the deutsche boerse deal. charlie: what i'm hearing from people in the inner circle is after the deal fell through, european regulators said it violates antitrust. i don't understand how but that is what they said so they knicks the deal. duncan neiderauer went back to the drawing board to find out a merger. here's the interesting thing. why did he pick -- in the end he figured this would be the best deal and he was willing to give up the ceo role. an analyst comes in the middle of this, talking to -- after deutsche boerse blew up, did his job, said would you be willing to talk with duncan neiderauer? would you do deal for the stock exchange? he said yes but duncan won't give up the ceo job. ridge went back to duncan nd duncan set of course i would for the right deal. talks didn't occur, they're working on other issues than getting out of the old merger but from what i understand there
Dec 11, 2012 7:00pm PST
you. >> coming up, two last word exclusive ls. first up, college student duncan takes on supreme court justice scalia over his laws comparing bans on sodomy to bans on murder and bestiality. duncan joins me and law professor jonathan turley. and when the show ended george and lawrence did not stop the conversation. the part of the exclusive interview you didn't see is tonight's last word. >>> and if you think the president won't be able to achieve anything in his second term, think again. what's already in motion whether the gop likes it or not. that's coming up next. [ male ann serving handcrafted coffees in seattle, and people seemed to like it. so we wondered -- where else could we take this? ♪ for over 40 years, we've brought our passion for fine coffee and espresso to people everywhere. but one place was impossible, until now. our lattes, espresso and brewed coffee, now in your home from a machine like no other. and now $50 off through january 1st. the verismo® system, by starbucks. and now $50 off through january 1st. [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on t
Dec 30, 2012 7:30pm EST
's on the nippy side in here. down to his napkin, if you would, mrs. duncan. hand-knits weigh rather heavy on the scales. got it! stop it! ha ha! get off! ha ha! i'll see you at tea time. better hurry. [bicycle bell rings] there's a baby been born. jenny: yes, there has. is it thriving? yes. is it? yes. and the mother? is she thriving, too? mother and baby are both doing well. i'm afraid you must let me pass. i'm expected elsewhere. both doing well. thank god, nurse. woman: thank god. hmm. there's a bulb loose somewhere, i reckon, or a wire. go on, sonny. go and wiggle that plug for me. fred: the electric always slows down in the cold weather. it's what you call atmospherics. now, don't tickle it. clump it one. we'll be sat in the blooming dark at this rate, and then how's the reindeers gonna find their way, eh? ah. [bzzt] ow! [all laughing] you won't be laughing come cub's nativity. how's bethlehem gonna look without tree and lights, eh? [laughing continues] what ho, lynette? looking for the pamphlet on 3-month colic. oh. something caught your eye? not really. are you interested in coming
FOX Business
Dec 20, 2012 1:00pm EST
that charlie gasparino noticed yesterday and it did come to fruition this morning, duncan neiderauer was here with the ceo of the eyes, intercontinental exchange. they were chatting about the deal that has come to fruition, $8.2 billion deal, premium, a lot of folks are happy about a meeting of two american companies. you can see the nyse is up $8 and $31.99 and in its 52 week high and some remember when the stock went over $100 so far they are not too happy with $32 at this time but they will take it because shareholders have been frustrated to a certain extent and that is the latest. lori: tell us more, give us more color what the reaction is like and how it is being received a. nicole: they don't like to have this deal happen, they worry about toward jobs or how this will change or what will happen to be named but the truth is two huge american companies coming together continues to move things forward and you think they could stand alone and other people speculate intercontinental is taking over because they want another futures exchange in europe in london so that is another factor. do t
Dec 20, 2012 9:00am EST
of ice approached duncan niederauer, the ceo of the stock exchange about a potential deal. looking forward hearing from both men later in the program. as for the deal itself, if you're a new york stock exchange shareholder, mr. spreker built this account the past decade. 36% of the combined company will be controlled by current new york stock exchange shareholders. you get a premium. also an opportunity to participate in the continued growth of what will be a trading ba he months. they trade stocks. energy, interest rates, commodities, agriculture, that's what it's bat. global platform for the trading in so many different asset classes, particularly as it relates to derivatives, putting these two companies together this way. cost synergy is very important. $450 million what they are looking for. say that will take place after the second full year, realizing all of them but almost 80% within two years of closing. that's related to technology savings. clearing duplicate expenses, one public company instead of two save money. there are going to be some job losses one would anticipate
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
activated in just a... duncan! adam! we've got a serious problem! what is it? it's orko! he's missing! missing? yes, and we just found his magic book outside. where? near the launch pad! the launch pad! uh-oh! he must have stowed away in the sky-spy! yes! and accidently switched on! what's that? it's a flying saucer! nah, it is a sky-spy. c'mon, let's go inside and warm up. you said you were looking for a? what's that? first of all, it's a prismas... no! i mean it's not a prismas tree, it's a christmas tree! and it's to celebrate christmas. oh... what's christmas? - everybody knows what christma! - i don't! - when you get lots of presents! presents! hey, i think i like christmas! well, presents are part of it... but it's also a time when every. that's what the angel said! angel? now i'm really getting confused! no, it's not confusing! not at all! listen, if you really don't know about christmas, we'll tell you the whole story... a long, long time ago... i've got it! here's where the sky-spy landed! why, those are earth coordinate! orko's landed on earth! are you saying that we'll neve
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
, a team is about to recreate their journey. duncan kennedy has the story. >> sir ernest shackleton has come to personify endurance, perseverance, and courage. in 1914, during an expedition to the antarctic, his ship was crushed by ice, forcing him and his crew of more than 20 to take to a lifeboat. they ended up on a rocky outcrop called elephant island. shackleton realized they could not survive there. with five companions, he set out across the hostile southern ocean in an open boat. it took 16 days to reach a south georgia, then near the two more days to walk across snow-covered mountains to safety. he then returned to pick up his stranded men. now, a group of polar explorers will make the same epic journey in an identical boat, with the same food and clothing, and no modern-de navigation tools, all to pay homage to one of the most heroic leaders of all time. >> once you put yourself in that situation and you have made the decision to go, then the rest is to try and survive in the same conditions he had. we hope we can do what he did. >> it has taken four years of preparation for th
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> reporter: we discovered the receipt at cafe juliet. much like quan, we found lawrence duncan was reimbursed for thousands of dollars public money spent at exclusive hotels overseas suchs such as in china. duncan made repeat visits to the international club a restaurant and massage parlor in china. shouldn't the port already known about these expenses? >> it's a mixture of shock and dismay. >> reporter: the now sights an ongoing investigation. >> we're going to get to the bottom. >> reporter: that is the answer the port spokesman gave to almost every one of our questions. why would the port approve of these expenses? >> this is all part of the investigation. we're going to get to the bottom of the matter. >> they're doing this because they can get away with it. >> reporter: marvin brown is a professor of business ethics and author of a book called "corporate integrity." he says changing the culture goes beyond putting an executive on paid leave. >> what these events tell us is the kind of world that's being created by the people managing the port of oakland. report as for l
FOX Business
Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm EST
to ask you. every journalist in new york knows duncan. it seems that his oneness combined company is not so hot. >> half-and-half. duncan has been there for a while. what better way to do the exit of the transformational deal and make sure that there is a lot of money. not a bad way to leave. given the way that some people with wall street. he's not an old guy, he's about 55 years old. he is a very ambitious guy in a good way. and i think you would like to run something. you know, maybe he can -- maybe he can go back. i don't know. but this is the guy we're going to be talking about for a while in terms of jurors someplace else. it will be interesting to see the management. we are all focused on duncan. he is being acquired by the dude in atlanta -- what is his name? i don't talk to him. the guy that runs i.c.e. by the way, a multi-gazillion her. gerri: that's right, he's a very important dude. >> he doesn't get a lot of play, he likes staying under the radar for the last time he was out of the radar was when he teamed up in new york. gerri: charlie, what does this tell you about
Dec 21, 2012 5:30pm PST
with secretary of education arne duncan. >> schools have been forever the safe haven, often safest places in the community. and we need to continue to do everything in our power to make sure that they are. >> woodruff: kwame holman dates washington's spending and tax stalemate after house republicans decide not to follow the leader. >> brown: and mark shields and michael gerson analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 yrs philanthropy >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the remaking of the obama administration's foreign policy team began today as the president nominated massachu
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
against the jazz. we start in the third quarter. spurs down five. tim duncan, knocks down the turnaround bank shot. big fundamental had 22 points, 21 boards and 6 blocks. less than three to play. jazz down four. randy foyt, gets the lay-in to go. jazz down two. later, al jefferson knocks the ball away from duncan. takes it all the way the other way. gets part of his 21 on the night. now, six seconds left, tied at 96-96. they clear out for mo williams. and he puts one up at the buzzer. cold-blooded. the jazz knock off the spurs, 99-96. they're now 9-1, at home this season. >>> also the mavs and the celtics. jason terry facing his former team for the first time. paul pierce, with a tough turnaround. he has a season-high 31 points. o.j. mayo gets fouled. one of two free throws. we head to overtime. 31 seconds to play. rondo finds kevin garnett. and he buries the "j." inside 15 seconds. o.j. mayo gets a lay-in to fall. tied at 105-105. just over four to play in the second overtime. and mayo gets a tough shot with a left. he had 24 points. mavs down one. 40 seconds to go. rondo, drives. lays
Dec 6, 2012 12:30am PST
secretary arnie's duncan's primary advisor. before she joined the department of education she was vice president of the education trust in washington, dc and was the founding executive of education trust west in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voice on all policy matters. she was also passionate about ending this issue of bullying and bringing everyone together to stop this disturbing trend so please welcome assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. as i said, our moderator is not always our lieutenant governor, of course he needs to introduction -- no, i get to say something. i get to say something. as everyone in this room knows, youngest mayor in 100 years, right? youngest mayor in 100 years when he was elected 10 years ago and he has remained
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
. hundreds of historical documents were made public today in britain, after 30 years. and nbc's duncan golistani has details from london. >> reporter: in 1982, the queen welcomed president reagan on his first stayed visit to great britain, and it all looked so effortless. >> i'm so glad to welcome you and mrs. reagan to britain. >> reporter: but the files reveal how much anxiety the trip caused in britain, what type of clocks should the reagans be given as a gift. in washington, they were much more relaxed about the visit. among documents, there is frustration that the white house is taking weeks and weeks to reply to the queen's invitation to great britain. the british ambassador notes the president's staff is not well-organized and confusion prevails in the white house. the president had his own concerns. how should he dress for riding with the queen? the answer, whatever the president finds most comfortable. he took their advice. relations with britain's other leading lady were famously warm. prime minister thatcher called the president "ron" he addressed her as "margaret." together
FOX Business
Dec 20, 2012 9:20am EST
to computers? charlie gasparino on the floor of the stock exchange with duncan neiderauer. charlie: not just duncan neiderauer but jeff springer. i want to get this clear. the millions are predicting the end of the world at the end of december and the nyse-listed sells the intercontinental exchange. is there any connection here? of the world ends tomorrow i guess that is an execution risk we have not tracked into the confirmation, let's hope the mind are wrong. >> i think it is an amazing building 200-year-old institution being taken over by a 20 year institution. how does that happen? >> 12 the year. >> you overstate my age. what is interesting is the new york stock exchange is a network that started 200 years ago but today you could start a network and you and i have been a part of watching networks create organically quickly, that is what technology has done, what facebook is, what amazon is, what ebay is so my company created a network that grew quickly, very complementary to the network that 200 years ago some guys decided on. >> which is? >> stocks traded here, you guys essentially a b
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
, secretary of education arouarne duncan will talk about protecting children from violence in schools. he's president of the task force on gun violence headed up by vice president joe biden. >>> on to hard core politics, the plan b, supposed to force president obama to deal on the fiscal cliff didn't work because it's dead. house speaker john boehner wanted fellow republicans to vote on a bill to raise taxes on millionaires and no one else. the drama was intense as the speaker tried to convince conservative members of his party to vote yes but in the end the votes were not there, and the speaker pulled the bill from the floor. in short, as republican representative steve latourette said the effort was embarrassing. >> it weakens the republican majority, it's the continuing dumbing down of the republican party and we are going to be seeing more and more as a bunch of extremists that can't get a majority of our own people to support policies we're putting forward. if you're not a governing majority, you're not going to be a majority party. >> as our own dana bash put it on twitter, "holy wo
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
to duncan and he said, 'i'm through. i'm through. if you can't trust what i say around here, i'm finished with this outfit.' and he didn't come back, and we couldn't believe it; that he was gone. and i think a week went by, and he didn't come back, and another week. and we just couldn't stand it because he was part of the family. so, finally, my father went in to duncan to try to locate rastice, and he asked around town and finally found him and had a conversation with him and persuaded him to come back and give the lazy b another try. but my father never challenged anything rastice said again, i can tell you that. c-span: there's also an interesting story about rastice and your father and a colt that your father ended up killing when--i mean, not a colt, but a c--a calf. >> guest: yes. c-span: and--and the problem of getting the mother to--i don't know what the... >> guest: to nurse, to accept the calf. c-span: to nurse, yeah. >> guest: right. c-span: and--and how did the--what was that all about? were you involved in that yourself? >> guest: well, i saw him do it a lot of times. rastice
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
secretary, duncan, in his first public remarks since the shooting says the fashion's overall gun policy needs a change. >> one disturbed young man was mad at the world. i can not help but wonder what he might have done or how it would have been different if he did not have access to those guns. >>> president barack obama observed his own moment of silents days after his call for a panel to address gun policy. hoping no community has to endure newtown's heartbreak again. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> shame on the nra! >> reporter: code pink protesters disrupted that rifle association press conference in wash wash twice. demonstrators held up signs saying nra, blood on your hands and the nra is killing our kids. critics are blasting today's response about making schools safer. ahead in 9 minutes bay area educators tell fuss more guns would -- teleus more guns would better protect our students -- tell us more guns would better protect our students. >>> a twist on the gun buy back next month. in addition to purchases guns from residents authorities will buy back violent video game
Dec 15, 2012 2:00am PST
secretary duncan who also said that they will be here for newtown to make sure they get through this tragedy, and there has also been an outpouring of emotional condolences from other communities including columbine and virginia tech, and people reaching out from that area knowing exactly what these families are going through today and the weeks and the years ahead. >> michelle, we are watching as you said, the governor, state governor malloy there at the catholic church making remarks, and we are picking him up right now, and we will see if we can hear him. >> in these times of trouble and travail when the unthinkable happens in our very midst, our faith is tested. not just in the religious sense and not necessarily the faith in god, but our faith in community and who we are and who we collectively are. it is in so many ways to be per missible to have those thoughts of who we are, and what we are, and what community represents, but then we understand as we turn around this room, and recognize our friends and our neighbors, those we have done things for and those who have done things for us.
Dec 16, 2012 4:00am PST
, but they will come through this. we've also heard from secretary duncan who also said that they will be here to make sure they get through this tragedy. there's also been an out kl outpouring of emotion and condolences from people reaching out from that area, columbine, virginia tech, knowing what these families are going through today, what they're going to be going through in the weeks and the years ahead. >> michelle, we're watching the governor making his remarks at the catholic church. we're picking him up right now. let's see if we can hear him. >> in these times of trouble and travail when the unthinkable happens in our very midst, our faith is tested. not just in the religious sense, not just necessarily our faith in god, but our faith in community. and who we are and what we collectively are. and it's, in so many ways, permissible to have those thoughts and doubts about who we are and what we are and what community represents. but then we turn to understand as we turn around this room and recognize our friends and our neighbors. those we have done things for and those who have done things f
Dec 21, 2012 6:30pm PST
, mÁs armas no es la respuesta dijo hoy duncan el secretario de educaciÓn. me pregunto quÉ hubiese pasado si el asesino de connecticut no hubiese tenido sesacceso a una a de fuego. >>> en la florida no es soluciÓn armar a los maestros si no invertir en la salud mental de los alumnos y en la seguridad de los colegios >>> en ves de invertir en darle armas a nuestros maestros, debemos hablar de mÁs sicÓlogos y mÁs entrenamiento psicolÓgico para nuestros maestros y el blae empleados >>> pero en un paÍs aÚn de luto hay estados que no quieren arrier arriesg arriesgarse a partir de enero policÍas armados vigilan toda la escuela de new jersey, y este estado estÁ evaluando poner ventanas a prueba de balas en sus colegios en miami angie sandoval telemundo. >>> entre tanto el presidente, barack obama dijo que hoy estÁ dispuesto a seguir trabajando para llegar a un acuerdo con lÍderes del congreso que evite el llamado abismo fiscal. obama le pidiÓ al congreso que despuÉs de navidad, regrese a trabajar, y tener objeto su mesa antes del primero de enero una propuesta que permita pro
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am EST
of the call they made. let's go to duncan kennedy, joining us from sydney. >> in many ways, this was a very difficult interview for these two to carry out. it was too full. it was emotional. not surprisingly, they have been receiving counseling because of all the public anger directed at them. they said they wanted to tell their story. more importantly, they wanted to say sorry. >> today, michael christian and mel greig are two yong people under intense -- two young people under intense pressure. >> emerging after days in hiding to give their version e theirvents. in a raw -- version of events. in a raw and tearful interview, they said they were guided by what had happened -- gutted by what had happened, the death of jacintha saldanha. >> we could not see this happening. >> do you feel sick now that you were saying this was a highlight of your career, you are excited about getting a call through to get to this moment? >> we could not foresee what was going to happen in the future. >> the two disc jockeys said it was others at their radio station who took the decision to broadcast the phone
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
. spokesperson for arnie duncan said this. almost unbelievable. to make student loans available to as many people as possible. this sounds like what barney frank said in 2003, 2004, 2005. >> bob: the alarmists around the table are nervous here. only 11% of the student loans are over 90 days late. >> eric: higher than any other time. >> bob: in the middle of a recession. coming off a recession rather. to have jesse waters go out with floozzys and says that represents college -- >> eric: the government demands no collateral no, credit -- >> bob: so what? >> eric: how about this one? the parents, the parents plus program. a parent can take out a loan for the kid's student debt but the kid graduates from college. he is not on the hook for the loan. if he walks away he keeps he his job and no loan. >> brian: they are hoping they walk away and the government has to pay for everything. staggered to find out 20 million kids go to school and 12 million borrow money to go to school. the question is as senator corker brought up, should we pile debt on the students? well meaning kids that want to go to schoo
Dec 18, 2012 8:00am PST
with arne duncan there, we see kathleen sebelius there, eric holder to formulate a plan. how many opportunity is there for something to get done, with public sentiment the way it is after newtown? >> well there say window, people are obviously outraged at what happened. while there is a political will to do something, they have to move and they have to act. they have to get through the fiscal. there may be talks about sb immigration as well. so it's a bit crowded right after the honeymoon. second-term honeymoons do lot last long. a moment they have to seize. >> they have not given a reaction. the facts, however, on social media. there's a radio silence from them. paul, your book is about one of the guns that lanza brought to this school, "glock." we go over it in tucson, in aurora. it was the military-style bushmaster type rifle. used in afghanistan and iraq. i want to show everybody an ad for the rifle. reading "consider your man card reissued" when it comes to this weapon. what does it say that that's the way a weapon like this is promoted? what does it say also when americans q
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am EST
if we know the answer is, duncan, ceo of new york stock exchange euronext, what happens to him in all this? >> not scleer. not clear. you know, we know he's been committed to trying to figure out a future for this company. two years ago negotiating a deal, faced headwinds but he doesn't seem to have stopped doing that. not clear what his role will be. will he continue to run the new york stock exchange operations of the combined company? it's possible he'll be the chairman. from what i'm hearing he will not be ceo of the combination. that will be, my guess, is mr. spreker, as you might expect, given they are the acquirer and he's been building this company through acquisition for some time. >> david, did ice consult with you guys on the set of "squawk on the street" about whether this was -- i mean they're basically taking over the big board, right? and that's -- you know, do you get a premium for the new set down there or anything? they didn't even ask you about that. are you going to -- >> they're not going to have my seat. >> are you going to tender? are you in favor of the deal or
Dec 21, 2012 10:30pm EST
performed by national captioning institute] >> arne duncan called on community leaders to step up efforts to ensure safety of in schools. these are his first remarks since last week's school shooting in newtown, conn. he also addressed access to mental health care and protecting students and teachers from violence. this is about 40 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. and please give a round of applause to the public charter school marching band. [applause] it is so fabulous to have all of you here today. on behalf of all of the students, teachers, administrators and parents of our community, we welcome you. we are so pleased to have many distinguished guests here this morning. secretary arne duncan is on his way, mayor gray, chancellor henderson, chief of police, our seventh councilmember alexander, and our dear friend miss amanda powell. [applause] we are thrilled to have our local and national education and safety leaders here to discuss the promise neighborhood program and how we promote safety in our schools. i have been a principal and excited and delighted principal in this communit
Dec 18, 2012 10:00am EST
of our foreign affairs committee, mr. duncan, who is here with us. in september, the house acted and passed the duncan bill overwhelmingly, and last week the senate further reiterated its strong bipartisan and bicameral support for the bill and the need to address iran's increased presence in the western hemisphere. in february, the committee on foreign affairs held a hearing entitled ahmadinejad's tour of tyrants and iran's agenda in the western hemisphere in order to examine the growing threat posed by iran and its proxies to the u.s. national security interests in the western hemisphere, a threat that first became evident 18 years ago with the deadly assault on the jewish community center in buenos aries. 18 years ago diplomats partnered with hezbollah, a foreign terrorist organization, to carry out the attack. since then, tehran has only increased its subversive actions as well as their diplomatic and economic relations with radical regimes in latin america. iran's ahmadinejad made two trips to latin america this year in an attempt to garner support from his fellow tyrants, t
Dec 19, 2012 8:00am PST
attorney general eric holder, headlight and human services director kathleen sebelius and aroune duncan. we also heard yesterday in the briefing from jay carney, the first time that the white house put out some specifics about some things that the president would pursue, that he would support senator dianne feinstein's efforts to reinstate the assault weapons ban, he would want to tackle high count ammunition clips as well as close the gun loophole. he's hintedle as we as well in remarks in newtown tackling the issue of mental health as well. the white house wants to look at this comprehensively, and that's some of what we expect to hear today here in the briefing room. the thing is we're not expecting a whole lot of specifics, and that is something as you have been talking about is very frustrating to gun control advocates who say they want to hear specifics, who say the time is now, and it seems the sense from the white house is that they want to wait. some democrats definitely say that this is a gamble because as we know, there is a bit of a rhythm to events like this where people become
Dec 27, 2012 11:00am PST
now in the process of being adopted by american families from leaving russia. nbc's duncan galastoni joining me live in london. walk us through how we got here. >> well, okay, craig. so this goes back to designing to punish those of human rights abuses, it is american legislation. it blacklists russian officials alleged to have been involved in the prison death of an anti-corruption lawyer. in retaliation, lawmakers in moscow passed a bill to ban american families from adopting russian children. it's now up to president vladimir putin whether he signs it in to law and today he gave every indication he will. he told a meeting so far i see no reason not to sign it although i have to review the final text and weigh everything. if it comes in to law on january 1st, it is uncertainty for around 46 american families who have adoptions being processed right now. criticism has come from the state department which says it is misguided to link the fate of children to unrelated political considerations. but criticism also in russia and from within president putin's own party. that's because rus
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am PST
. >>> but first, it's today's trivia question, staying in the obama cabinet. education secretary arne duncan recently suggested he was more likely to take up what profession than become secretary of state? tweet us the answe answer @dailyrundown. the first correct answer will get a follow monday from us. that answer and much more coming up on "the daily rundown." >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is waking up in a new york hospital this morning where she is being treated for a blood clot discovered while doctors were checking her recovery from a concussion. robert bazell is nbc's chief science and health correspondent. he's at new york presbyterian hospital. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, chris, we can tell you that it's not exactly clear what is happening with secretary clinton's health. all we have is a statement from her office. the hospital isn't saying anything and the the hospital says that she had this blood clot that stemmed from the concussion and she's being treated with blood-thinning drugs. the problem is that usually when blood clots come from concussions, th
Dec 22, 2012 9:05pm EST
, but this wonderful haircut, and jeff duncan, who's not here with us and the new addition, tom rice. i have been afforded one of the greatest opportunities in the world to serve in the house of representatives. but what has made it more meaningful is to have served with these four guys and our scoutmaster. and i look forward to continuing to build on the family known as south carolina. you know, i haven't won anything yet in the senate and i have to run for re-election in 2014. and i look forward to having an opportunity to getting around the state and introducing myself to citizens throughout this great state of south carolina. and i will say this in closing -- the future is incredibly bright for america. we have our challenges. we have things that we have to overcome. but, boy, does the future look great in south carolina. we have done it together, we are better together, and our future will reflect the good opportunities coming to our nation. and let me close with this -- i wanted to save the governor till last. because watching her from a distance has been incredible. i can't imagine the dai
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Dec 6, 2012 2:00am PST
was a couple years later i was invited by u.s. air force general duncan mcnabb head of transportation command to the air force base. they do this incredible mission of delivering millions of pounds of supplies to troops around the world by air and land and sea, and that kind of inspired me to maybe write this story that also tells the norad story as well tracking santa on christmas eve. >> the tracking story it started as an accident where a hot line for santa had a wrong number and connect to do some guy at norad and he made up the story. >> this is the height of the cold war. this phone was only supposed to be called by the president of the united states or the head of the military in the event of a nuclear attack. it rings on christmas eve in 1955 the colonel picks it up. instead of hearing some type of nuclear code or military warning he hears a little child's voice saying i want to speak to santa claus. that was the pastart of the tradition. >> he said i can see him on my radar. out of this tradition now comes your book which tells this delightful story of the night before christmas basi
Dec 3, 2012 2:30am PST
of the pilot program, but educators hope to add additional communities. education secretary arne duncan has been pushing for more time in the classroom for the last several years. additional costs will come from a combination of local funds and shifting existing federal programs. >>> with the u.s. poised to dominate global petroleum production for the next decade in large part because of natural gas and fracking, other countries may be at least a decade behind in gdeveloping their own supplies. >>> my krchlcnbc colleague jeff cutmore live overseas. this is good news at least in the short term, right? >> absolutely, brian. and a very good morning to you. good to see you anchoring the program this morning. the u.s. has such a strong lead in this area. it's hard to see how companies trying to find this shale gas elsewhere around the world are going to have the same kind of success. we've seen millions of wells drilled in the united states. we're just seeing in countries like poland pioneering one or two initial wells being drilled by companies like chevron. so the potential is out there. it's
Dec 20, 2012 4:30pm PST
, so the i.p.o. market has dried up. on a conference call, n.y.s.e.- euronext c.e.o. duncan niederauer was asked why not try to ride out the storm? >> our responsibility to the shareholders was pretty clear. our job is to create value as best we can in the near term, and position the company to be successful in the long term. i think this deal does that. >> reporter: this is not the first time ice has made a bid r the big board. last year, it made a joint hostile bid with the nasdaq o.m.x. group for the exchange. but that move was blocked by regulators. and a friendly merger between the n.y.s.e. and the deutsche boerse was also rejected by regulators this year. so what are the odds this deal will be approved? >> it's a big deal, and these things always get scrutiny, so you never want to say anything is just going to get rubber- stamped. and regulators can certainly provide surprises. but i do think this one should face fewer hurdles than some of the other transactions. >> reporter: the companies exct to complete t deal in theeconhalf of next yea by then, they should have a name for the
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